Vshahte data center received LIR license

Vshahte data center received LIR

LIR is a structural part of RIR.

RIR (regional internet registry) – regional Internet registry. In short, allocates large blocks of addresses, registers LIRs, and allocates ASs.

LIR (local internet registry) – local Internet registry. In short, responsible for keeping the network up and running, allocating PIs and AS numbers. ISP. BAP (address space) LIR from – 4096 IP addresses.

At the head of the department is the structure of the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) Internet registry system, which distributes Internet number resources from the central pool to 5 RIRs, and then to the LIR or LIR. That is, IANA allocates public Internet ARs to regional registries (RIRs) according to their identified needs.

Schematically, the space division path looks like this:

IANA -> RIR -> LIR (-> end customer) [-> PI owner -> end customer].

What can customers get hosting provider Vshahte

Today, RIPE NCC policy allows a new LIR to receive /22 (1024) IPv4 addresses, /29 IPv6 blocks, and ACs.
You get the opportunity to lease IPv4 addresses from your own PA networks under a contract in compliance with the requirements of the RIPE NCC. In addition, services are provided on the basis of a network registration agreement for a legal entity / individual. The rental price includes the creation and maintenance of the necessary objects in the RIPE NCC database, consultations on the disposal of IP addresses.

Also, the available possibility of registration of the AU.

AS is a guarantee of failure-to-failure access to your resources, you can build a routing policy at your discretion. The benefit of owning your own AS is the ability to change communication channels without reconfiguring equipment. There is no longer a need to depend on the provider, that is, other people’s IP addresses.

How to apply for allocation of AC number?

First you need to sign the order form and add to it:

  1. Designations of the user’s needs for the allocation of AS, in accordance with RFC-1930.
  2. A completed application for allocation of AS in accordance with RIPE-562 and RIPE-570.
  3. Written consent (copy) to the installation of dynamic routing from the network operator.
  4. Confirmation of registration of the enterprise (copy of the certificate).

A technical specialist of the Vshahte data center will advise you on all working moments. Call or leave a request on the site.