Dedicated server

Dedicated server

A dedicated server (from English – dedicated server) is a service, the essence of which is to transfer to you a fully functional, ready-to-use server. If you already know what dedicated servers are, let’s talk about the advantages of a dedicated server.

  • Dedicated servers are an ideal service for customers who would like to save money on their purchase.
  • If you do not want to hire staff to maintain the health of the server.
  • The service is suitable for you if you do not want to delve into the technical features of servers, your business and staff do not affect the technological and engineering niche

Vshahte dedicated server rental

Dedicated servers in Ukraine usually include the cost of all used traffic, specific traffic plans, as well as the cost of using the proposed hardware. Rent a dedicated server inexpensively from Vshahte, how the cost is estimated:

  • Server hardware
  • Traffic
  • Additional services
  • Connection via IPMI interface
  • Tariff combination “ONE INCLUSION”

All prices are indicated in Ukrainian hryvnia, including VAT, the ability of an incoming pass of a foreign channel is limited after the monthly traffic limit is reached. Individual tariffs are possible, to provide a tariff, check the conditions in the sales department.

Server typeMonthly subscription fee, UAHProcessor typeMemory, GBDisk space size, GBBasic technical support, if necessary, UAHNote
physical client (colocation)462UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited528up to 120 W, up to 2U, more – for extra. payment
physical client (colocation)696UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited528up to 200 W, up to 2U, more – for extra. payment
physical (dedicated)It is possible to provide any configurations, for this you should contact the sales department
any equipment, unit by unit300except servers, up to 50 W
Rent a 3-unit luggage storage in our rack94 

* all prices are indicated in Ukrainian hryvnia, including VAT.

By renting a dedicated server, you will discover new opportunities for your business, and our specialists will take care of the rest. Vshahte professionals will provide you with not only a powerful dedicated server for rent, but also an impeccable service. Dedicated servers, dedicated server center, or Vshahte data center rental is different:

Simple control. If necessary, restarting the server can be done in a few clicks without the need to involve support. Configuration and control is carried out through a convenient control panel.

Data storage. Dedicated servers are equipped with high-speed SSD drives that perfectly improve the speed of your rented dedicated server. In the event of a breakdown of a rented dedicated server, all data is backed up and saved.

DNS management. Renting a dedicated server in Ukraine is noticeably different, the DNS administrator service is not provided by all companies, but a physical dedicated server in Vshahte provides this service. This feature allows you to manage all the necessary DNS records yourself.

Reliability and standardization. Vshahte client servers are located in the company’s own data center in Dnipro. Our data center with server rental fully complies with international standards.


Tariff planMonthly subscription fee, UAHPort speed, MbpsUkrainian trafficForeign traffic (in/out), GbCost of excess traffic, UAH/Gb*Number of IP addressesNote
T1360100up to 1TB24up to 4Exceeding more than 100 GB is not charged
P1122210unlimitedInput 1 Mbpsnot paidup to 4
P1039010unlimitednot paidup to 4BGP capability, multiple servers
P1001290100unlimitedunlimited **not paidup to 4BGP capability, multiple servers; from 20 terabytes of traffic, incoming foreign traffic is limited to 8 Mbps
P1000***1000unlimited ***unlimited ***not paidup to 4 
P100UA282100unlimitedabsentnot paidup to 4for backup servers or data storage outside the office
P1000UA8881000unlimitedabsentnot paidup to 4BGP capability, for backup servers or data storage outside the office
IPMI подключение144 

* all prices are indicated in Ukrainian hryvnia, including VAT.
** the ability of incoming foreign channel pass is limited after the monthly traffic limit is reached.
*** individual tariffs are possible, for this you should clarify the conditions in the sales department.

Dedicated server services

By ordering a dedicated server, you have the opportunity to use various services. In addition, the price of a dedicated server depends on the set of services provided.

Popular dedicated server services for you:

  • Server hardware. It is divided according to the type of server, the physical server of the colocation client or the physical dedicated server, it includes the ability to rent any equipment unit by unit, as well as a 3-unit storage room at once.
  • Dedicated server traffic. Depends on the tariff plan provided by us in a large selection for your convenience and needs. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the tariff plans in detail in the table.
  • Dedicated server hosting.
  • Providing technical communication of client equipment between technical sites of the data center.
  • Creating Additional Wired Connections.
  • Connection via IPMI interface. With this inclusion, you will be able to access the management server system (IPMI) by allocating a separate channel connection, reliable and secure communication.
1. Providing technical communication of client equipment between technical sites of the data center: 
100 Mbps, UAH/month504
1 Gbps, UAH/month1500
10 Gbps, UAH/month6300
2. Create additional wired connections: 
Construction (one-time), UAH252
Subscription fee, UAH/month150

Connection via IPMI interface provides an additional connection for the IPMI server interface. With this enablement, you will be able to gain access to the management server system (IPMI) by allocating a separate channel connection, reliable and secure (the channel is available through a VPN connection). Please note that you can use the northern options only with a dedicated Ethernet port for IPMI.

When ordering, you get a management interface permanently connected to the server. Now you do not need to connect to the IP KVM console. In addition, you get reliable protection against server intrusions and hacks, as we provide secure access to IPMI from threats. After all, it is known that IPMI is the most vulnerable place in the overall security system. A similar situation happens because usually such a port is connected via free Internet access channels.

Tariff combination "ONE INCLUSION"

The tariff combination means the following: combination of one tariff for several client servers and one connection via the Ethernet interface (in other words, the colocation described above) and / or a certain number of servers rented in our company (the above described dedicated), which are connected via one switch to the technical equipment of our company.

This combination method is charged according to the following plan:

  • in this case, it is possible to choose only from the tariff plans under the numbers P10, P100 or P1000, the price of which is according to the official price list;
  • the price includes hosting a server that was rented from our company or belongs to you, the price of such a service is in accordance with the official price list;
  • a physical switch is placed on our rack at a price that is calculated from the number of units occupied on the rack.

It is important that the hosted switch meets the following parameters:

  • execution – rackmount;
  • the power supply must be built-in.

Therefore, we recommend using the following models:

  • Dell PowerConnect 35xx, 28xx;
  • switch line HP – 1410, 1905, 1810, 1910, 25xx, 26xx;
  • series from TP-Link – TL-SG2424, TL-SL24xx, TL-SG2216, TL-SL1xxx, TL-SL22xx, TL-SG10xx;
  • innovative models Allied Telesis – FS700, GS900, FS750, GS950;
  • Netgear ProSafe Series.

For the use of other models, please consult our technical department.

Additional information:

  • T1 tariff plan includes traffic from Ukrainian and coming from abroad, as well as total outgoing and incoming traffic;
  • one piece of electrical equipment equals one power outlet. The power of the equipment according to the passport should not exceed 300 watts. The cost of renting an additional socket connector is UAH 150 per month (including VAT);
  • if there is a need for the client, we place up to four hard drives on the server. The price increases by UAH 102 per month for each individual disk (the price includes VAT);
  • we allocate one IP address to the client server. If there is a need, we issue up to three additional addresses free of charge. If it is necessary to have more than four IPs, a fee of 12 hryvnias per month is charged (including VAT);
  • it is worth designating what is Ukrainian traffic. These are exchange points of the UA-IX type, channels, as well as parity companies, client channels, as well as intranet traffic of the company The current networks of Ukraine are listed on our official website;
  • initial connection of the system, so that it becomes possible to use ssh remotely – not paid;
  • turnkey system installation is paid in the amount of UAH 396 (the price includes VAT);
  • technical support of client servers is carried out by our system administrators in accordance with the general position of the company;
  • the maximum number of MAC addresses that are serviced under the service “providing technical communication of client equipment between the technical sites of the data center – fifty, for the combined service “One inclusion” – two hundred; but there is a limitation – no more than the number of IP addresses used, for other services – no more than one per technical unit.

Do you have any questions?

An engineer from the technical department will contact you during business hours.
In a form convenient for you, he will consult on all issues of interest.