Server placement - colocation

Colocation is the placement of server equipment in the data center (colocation data center) of a hosting company. The dynamic development of online business processes requires a lot of resources, such as more memory. At this moment, the colocation service or server colocation is simply indispensable.

Features of the colocation service

Colocation hosting differs from renting a part of the server by the independence of server management, maintenance and support. To the data center you pay only for accommodation. It is important to understand that it is possible to feel all the benefits of the colocation solutions service if the employee has the necessary level of understanding of the colocation facility in the staff.

Dedicated colocation is a suitable option for professionals with the required level of technical / technological knowledge and experience in managing their own server.

The service has a number of advantages

Independence from intermediaries

Access to server management

Ability to update at your convenience

Maintenance control

Renting a place in the data center Vshahte

A large number of technical equipment is a regularity in the development of your business. Therefore, Vshahte offers you to place it in cabinets or racks of our high-tech data center using the rental service. Renting in the data center is completely safe, the premises meet international quality standards, are well guarded and maintained.

The following types of rent are possible

Unit rental

Unit - a unit of measure for IT equipment equal to the size of 1.75 inches. By default, one unit is equal to three spaces in a 19-inch rack.

Rent a rack

Server rack - a design resembling a rack for records, only server equipment is placed in such a rack.

Rent a wardrobe

A server cabinet is a structure based on racks, insulated with doors from the front and rear sides.

Server hosting price (colocation)

Placement methodSubscription fee, UAH/month*Note
Full rack for 42 units7800**up to 4 kW power supply, 24 sockets, possibility of a test period
half-stands (21 units)3900**up to 2 kW power supply, 12 outlets, possibility of a test period
any tech. equipment, by unit192except servers, up to 50 W
switch for “One inclusion”294
connection via IPMI interface144
Luggage storage for 3 units for placement in your own rack12

The cost of services is indicated in Ukrainian hryvnias. Compensation for electrical energy consumption is calculated based on the data of an individual meter. Additional costs for renting a place in the data center include: the cost of heat removal, backup electrical power, online UPS. The price of the service is calculated by the PUE coefficient.