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Our services

Dedicated server

Fully configured, ready-to-use physical Internet server.


Placing servers and other equipment on our technical site and connecting it to the Internet

Rack placement

It is advantageous to place technical equipment in cabinets or racks on a rented site.

Virtual Server (VDS/VPS)

Server with full settings. (Budget version of a dedicated Internet server)

Sale of server hardware

Sale of rackmount equipment for the server: cases, racks, cabinets, additional accessories.

Rental of network equipment

Rental of network equipment: routers and switching equipment, accessories.

How we are working

7 years of work in the market

Since 2013, we have consistently and efficiently offered our services.

Security and Protection #1

We guarantee fast processing and data security.

Personal consultations

Experienced specialists will help you in solving the problem.

Money Back Guarantee

Refund within 14 days from the date of order if the service does not suit you.

Full flexibility in cooperation

You can adjust the rates according to your needs.

Оur clients

Do you have any questions?

An engineer from the technical department will contact you during business hours.
In a form convenient for you, he will consult on all issues of interest.