Rack placement

Placement of racks in the server room

If you have a large amount of technical equipment, it is advantageous to place it not in separate servers, but in cabinets or racks, which Vshahte.com offers to rent.

* The cost is indicated in hryvnia equivalent, including VAT.

* Consumed electrical energy is compensated according to the data indicated in the individual meter. Billing is carried out by the electricity supplier. Additional costs – payment for the cost of heat removal, backup electrical power, online UPS. The price of services is calculated by the PUE coefficient.

Compensation for the spent electricity is carried out according to the data of an individual meter, the cost of electricity is calculated according to the tariffs of the energy supplier; the costs of heat removal, online UPS, backup power supply are additionally charged. The cost of these services depends on the average annual PUE coefficient, the value of which in the Bunker DC is at the level of 1.5.

Placement methodSubscription fee, UAH/month*Note
Full rack for 42 units14750**up to 4 kW power supply, 24 sockets, possibility of a test period
half-stands (21 units)8350**up to 2 kW power supply, 12 outlets, possibility of a test period
any tech. equipment, by unit192кроме серверов, до 50 Вт
switch for “One inclusion”294
connection via IPMI interface144
Luggage storage for 3 units for placement in your own rack12

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