Sale of server hardware provides the opportunity to purchase rackmount equipment:

enclosures for server racks;
racks for server equipment themselves;
cabinets for telecommunication equipment;
additional accessories.

Reception of servers in modern data centers is carried out only in special case racks (in English terminology – rackmount). Standard dimensions are 2 U* build height and 19″ length**.

The classic 19″ long, 42 unit high rackmount rackmounts are perfect for telecommunications and server equipment. They do an excellent job of saving space in server rooms and containment areas. In addition, they guarantee convenient and fast access to all internal devices of the server.

Cabinets are used to accommodate rack devices, as well as other equipment without racks. Dust and moisture are no longer a problem for equipment, and the level of security is increased several times – cabinets protect expensive equipment from hacking and illegal access. Cabinets are equipped with a special passive ventilation system and reliable locks.

We also offer additional accessories: corners and shelf structures for rack mounting and other mechanisms for rackmount equipment.

* 1 (U)nit = 44 mm.
** 1 inch = 25.4 mm.

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